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Your business matter to us. That’s why we ‘re determined to provide you with the highest level of service possible. Whether it’s our innovative technical staff, our highly responsive customer service or our expert technical and sales support team, our main focus at Indo Chem Semesta is to provide you with outstanding results. Our team are constantly on the move, working tirelessly to solve your problems and protect your reputation. Back that up with our comprehensive solution and you can rest easy knowing Indo Chem Semesta is on the job.
When we talk about service, we immediately think of the men who are in the field in front of our customers everyday. And rightly so, tey are the face and hearth of Indo Chem Semesta and their relationship with our customers are the foundation of our business. For those of us who aren’t in front of our customers, we still share the responsibility for providing our customers with the best service in the industry.
We create partnership that are aged to perfection, we introduce the Food and Beverage industry with cost benefit for CIP technology to clean processing line, tanks and filling equipment without dismantling the system, and we also provide the same benefit for lubrication system.
Cleaning and Sanitation must begin at the start of the food chain, long before processing. Indo Chem Semesta approach to food safety provide intervention at multiple sites, that why, we can provide reliable, efficient methods for maximizing food safet and quality-every step of the way.
Indo Chem Semesta is the perfect choice for discerning customers.
Thanks you for placing your confidence to us, We look forward to continuing to build our partnership in the future and beyond.