SINCE 2005, PT Indo Chem Semesta has been providing the Cleaning & Sanitizing Chemicals for Food and Beverage Industry as well as Hospitality Industry. The ICS products are used in industrial, food and beverage plants, that have been inspected by Ministry of Health. The inspection are focus on Cleanliness, Food Safety and Quality.
PT Indo Chem Semesta offers many cleaners as well as sanitizers. As per the regulation, The products are registered to Health Ministry. Meanwhile, some of the products certify by the NSF International – an Independent Body, based in US, that tests and certifies products to verify that they meet the public health and safety standards.
We are proud of the fact that most of our products are biodegradable while having good performance in cleaning & sanitizing for food industry.
To ensure that optimum levels of the chemical applied, ICS is providing the dispensing equipment system for free – which is designed accordingly. All products and equipment come with ICS training and services.
Then, proudly we announce that we have our own R&D division that continuously develop new, safer and more effective products as well as the dispensing equipment system for better practice in our customers processing plant.